I'm so totally Kayla. Blah Blah Blah recovering from a shitty-ass eating disorder Blah. There's gonna be a lot of ED recovery shit on here because yeah it's important but I'm also a person who likes taking photos, riding my goddamn bike, Bright Eyes, feminism, Neutral Milk Hotel, salt, Arrested Development, getting my back rubbed, most cats, and smelly old books.



this is an important message from god

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my long-distance bf just introduced me to his best female friend here and great

guess what

she hits on him in front of me and came to hang out in a skirt and a thong and bent over in front of us the whole night


this is gr8 i feel great about myself and life in general

tw ugh

so i’m going to boston to visit by boyfriend tomorrow

it’ll be my fourth time out there in the past two years

i always get so anxious and conflicted and stress about my body for the weeks coming. I was actually doing pretty okay this time, but then i started birth control like a week ago.

i’m retaining water like crazy and i feel like i have no body shape at all and i pretty much look really bad. i’m so embarrassed and stressed out that my body is going through this AT THIS GODDAMN TIME.